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Welcome to SECOCOAL!

"SECOCOAL" is a product that stands for a combustible that is produced out of a variety of fossil coal products and refuse derived fuels (EAK 191210). The product is a homogenized mix with defined chemical and physical characteristics. The use of refuse derived fuels with secocoal is possible without or with minimal technical changes at burning facitilities.

"SECOCOAL" has positive effects on energy and economic balance. Fossil fuels are saved and costs for energy lowered.

Further information about the technology, applications and presentation you can use the contact details. Mr. Spiering is available for personal talks and also for international talks on request available.

The services include the design, construction and operation of the facilities around the world and relate to the entire process from delivery of waste to recycling or the injection of the recovery cycle. The manufacture of products will be entirely independent of the prevailing climate. For more information or your request, please use the contact form!

The facilities worldwide can be built cheaply. The video on the right side shows the production of secondary fuels clearly to recognize and to understand.

Mr. Ingo Spiering
Mr. Ingo Spiering

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