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The Fuel

"SECOCOAL" is developed to homogenize refuse derived fuels with all kind of fossil coal derivates for being able to be used in industrial power plants.

Density and chemical parameters, therefore the overall quality of "SECOCOAL", is equivalent to that of pure coal.

Questions and doubts from power plant operators have been clearly answered.

We have positive results on:
- All Chemical Parameters
- Density
- Granulation
- Production cost
- Technology Feasibility
- Ashes Analysis
- Fusibility of fuel-ash
- CO2-Reduction with Secocoal
- Economic Savings and Advantages
- Environmental Policy Constraints
- Sustainability
- Energy-Efficiency
- Personnel Intensity
- Biogenous ratio

With this technology, world-wide waste disposal site become sources of energy for the future, for the cycle of waste production and waste reuse can be closed.
Natural resources can be saved and their use prolongued.

Expensive Waste Disposal Sites can be used up step by step, and costs for their maintenance saved. Its an investment in our future and future generations.

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